Staying Motivated When on a Diet

People who have been going through the ups and downs of dieting often find motivation to be an issue to keep off lost pounds. One aspect of dieting is being able to More »

Questions to Ask to Break Your Weight Loss Plateau

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Losing Weight is One of the Benefits of Eating Slow

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Trick to cut calories without trying

Tricks to Cut Calories WIthout Really Trying

The only real good way to lose weight is to cut your calorie intake. However, this can be a challenge as simply eating less is not an option. Another aspect to keep in mind is tallying daily calorie intake might actually be counterproductive. The goal when trying to lose weight is to use a few tricks to cut calories that do not require a lot of effort. Review a few tips to help you achieve this goal.


Filling up on fiber and water is one of the principal objectives of a healthy eating plan. This means you should have more vegetables at each meal instead of foods, such as grains and meats. One aspect about vegetables is they can be filling without having to think about calorie count. You can easily include any type of vegetables to a soft tortilla shell for a tasty wrap. This includes sliced peppers, cut tomatoes, an assortment of sprouts, and even pieces of cucumber. Another option is to prepare a simple veggie wrap with lettuce, cheese, and tomato. The most important thing to keep in mind is to replace any ingredient that is high in calories with a variety of vegetables.


Filling up on fruits is not only healthy, but it is an easy way to cut calorie intake without trying. This is easily done by preparing a variety of fruits at night for the next day. You can eat fruits during the day if a snack is desired. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid fruits that are high in calories. One fruit in this category is the banana. As an example, two cups of strawberries will have the same amount of calories as a single banana.

Soup or Salad

One way to eat less over the course of any meal is to start with a serving of soup or a salad with a light amount of dressing. Filling up with vegetables or fluids that are low in calories will help you feel more satisfied. This is a great way to avoid eating foods that are high in calories and help you to lose weight faster. Another thing to keep in mind a bowl of hot soup often looks more appealing than a sandwich.


There are many types of ready-to-eat cereals that can be a good replacement for a high-calorie meal. If you find cereals that are high in vitamins and low in sugars, then they will be more filling and will be a lot more healthy. The best option is a bran cereal or even a shredded wheat. Most cereals are measured by the bowl of the number of biscuits. All you need to do is prepare one or more servings at night or in the morning before starting your day.

Egg Whites

Many people who like to have one or more eggs in the morning may be getting more calories than they realize. Two egg whites will cut your calorie intake by over 50 percent as one whole egg is often about 80 calories. However, one to two whole eggs will have fewer calories than having a breakfast with bacon and other high calories foods.

Low-Fat Milk

Whole milk is full of milk fat and will be really high in calories. If you switch to a milk that is low-fat, then twice as much can be consumed for the same amount of calories. This means sticking to one glass will easily help you cut calories without any effort. Another thing to keep in mind is this same concept applies to other types of dairy products. If you enjoy yogurt, then switch to a light-yogurt to reduce the amount of calories being consumed.

Lower Protein Foods

Many foods that are low in protein will also have low calorie amounts. This means adding more fish or turkey to your diet. Another benefit of low-protein foods is they are often better if you have IBD of any other type of digestive problems. The choice of foods you eat for meals is another easy way to cut your calorie intake without really trying.

Whipped Products

Butter and cream cheese that is whipped contains air that is added. This included air means these foods have fewer calories than traditional spreads. One thing to keep in mind is not to overindulge eating foods that are lighter as you will be defeating the purpose of cutting calories.

The Importance of Cooking at Home for Weight Loss

The Importance of Cooking at Home for Weight Loss

The process of losing weight is not always easy, but it is generally straightforward. All you will need to do is consumer fewer calories than your body burns off each day. This is the magical process that helps to make excess pounds disappear. One of the most important aspects about dieting is being able to keep the weight from returning. Preventing weight gain can often be more difficult than the effort of losing weight. This will come down to the importance of cooking for weight loss.

The Game Plan

Once you have reached a specific weight goal, then the next step is maintaining the results. If you want to celebrate by eating foods you have been avoiding, then this will often have the opposite effect. Most people who are able to maintain their weight loss often continue avoiding foods that have high calories or may be a contributor to weight gain. Healthy eating is important to maintain weight loss. This often means you need to exert a lot of self control on weekends and special occasions. The best thing to do is have a standard plan that includes foods to keep daily calorie intake at desired levels. If you stray from eating healthy foods, you will often see an increase in weight.

Remember the Scale

Cooking at home is a great way to empower you to lose weight or maintain weight loss. You will need to step on the scale at least once each week to keep tabs on your weight. Meals prepared at home are a great way to lose track of calories. This is due to the types of ingredients and the quantity. Meals made at home can include healthier ingredients than what an original recipe calls for. However, you will still need to step on the scale to make sure you are not gaining unnecessary weight. Another aspect about a scale is being able to weigh the amount of ingredients used when preparing a meal.

Limit Eating Out

The goal of preparing meals at home is to not go out as much. If you are still going out to a local bar or restaurant, then you can easily put on extra pounds. Dieters who are successful can take control of what they are eating. Preparing snacks and meals at home is one of the best ways to do this. If you meet with friends or enjoy going out to the bar, then limit this activity to only two or three times a week. Going to a local restaurant may also be something that is done for a lunch break at work. You can easily bring an assortment of snacks or a meal to work that was prepared at home.

The Right Method

The way you lose weight will often predict how well you can keep it off. One aspect to keep in mind is low-calorie diets are often not sustainable. Most people go right back to their old eating habits. You are likely to fail at keeping off any weight that is lost if you do not use the right approach. This best option is to use high-rated commercial weight loss programs or prepare meals at home. However, any meals that a person prepares at home requires using recipes for low-fat and low-calorie meals.

Limit TV Viewing

Spending time in the kitchen cooking meals is a great way to stay off the couch. One thing about being in the kitchen is you are on your feet. You can always walk into your living room or any other area that has a TV. Most people who are dieting limit TV watching to about ten hours each week. If you are in a kitchen preparing meals, then this will reduce the amount of TV being watched on the couch.

Meals for Breakfast

The best meal of the day is breakfast and preparing this meal at home is the best way to ensure you are able to lose weight. One of the best meals to prepare for breakfast is one that is high in protein. Protein is important as it will be needed for the body to burn calories. Cereals that are high in sugar are not the best option for breakfast. You can do better by preparing regular eggs or oatmeal for breakfast. If you have any concerns about calories in your diet, then replace whole eggs with egg whites or an egg substitute.

Staying Motivated When on a Diet

Staying Motivated When on a Diet

People who have been going through the ups and downs of dieting often find motivation to be an issue to keep off lost pounds. One aspect of dieting is being able to stick to a plan and ensure that there is no relapse. The best way to avoid any slip ups when on a diet is to be motivated. Your attitude will be one of the biggest obstacles to achieving any goal or specific result. Staying motivated is easy if you follow a few simple tips.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting a goal right at the start is the best way to ensure long-term diet success. Attainable goals offer a way for anyone to feel the desired result can be achieved. If goals are not attainable, then any diets will be likely to fail. Do not set yourself up for failure by trying to achieve a result too fast. The better thing to do is create a sensible strategy that involves proper eating and healthy habits.

Take a Slow Approach

Real lifestyle changes are needed for any diet success. This is not something that will happen overnight or in a couple of days. If you lose weight slowly, then you will be more likely to keep it off. Starving or being irritable will often have a high rate of failure. One option is to cut back 200 calories a day, If you do this, then it is likely not to be noticed and weight will be lost and not come back.

Expect Setbacks

No dieting plan is full proof. You should expect a few setbacks to occur along the way. One aspect that needs to be known is slip ups may occur from time to time. The danger is not a one-time slip up during a diet, but letting it turn into an overeating session.

Perfection is Not Necessary

Dieting means being flexible when having meals. You do not need to be exact with calories to see your weight decrease. If you have the choice of a meal that is 100 calories more than you need, then you are not a failure by eating this meal. If you have a minor slip up one day, then you can easily make it up on the next.

Consider the Buddy System

Making major changes to your lifestyle can be hard to do alone. This means you should seek out others who have the same weight loss goals. There are various chat rooms and forums available online. If this is not an option, then seek a dieting buddy in the form of a family member or a close friend.

Remain Patient

Dieting results will take time to occur. This means you need to be patient and wait to see the result you expect. Patience will often go along with setting realistic goals. One thing to keep in mind is you might not see a loss of weight every day. You body may not burn the same amount of calories every day. The best way to look at this situation is being able to maintain a constant weight. You may also think about tweaking your diet to jump-start the process. This can include eliminating 100 calories a day or making some other adjustment.