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You Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss in Many Ways

You Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss in Many Ways

Eating well most of the time does not always translate into expected weight loss. There are many ways of eating foods that can sabotage your weight loss efforts. This can include the combination of foods to the time of day you are eating. Most people’s weight loss is dependent on their metabolism and anyone with a better metabolism rate will lose more weight than those with sluggish metabolism. If you have a sluggish metabolism, then review a few reasons you may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Not Eating Enough Throughout the Day

If you do not eat enough throughout the day, then you are slowing down your metabolism in two ways that are easy to correct. The first is your body’s calories burning capacity is diminished as there is little food to support the calorie burning process. The second is eating at the very end of the day will lead to your body not processing the food through the night. If your body does not process food eaten at night, then weight loss efforts will often be in vain. You really should eat something first thing in the morning and constantly throughout the day. This can include fruits, vegetables, or other low-calorie foods.

Not Drinking Enough Beneficial Fluids

Water is the best thing to have to drink throughout the day. This is the easiest way to help activate your body’s calorie-burning process. One thing to keep in mind is constantly drinking fluids will often make you feel satisfied and not likely to overeat at meal time. Another aspect to consider is no fluids through the day can make a person dehydrated. This will also reduce a person’s calorie burning process.

Improper Dieting

A variety of diets that are “fad” and “crash” is they do not supply enough calories. Any diets which are low-calorie can often cause people to overeat. The reason is limiting calories by going all-in with basic diets means the body will be burning fewer calories. Most people will be more likely to start to overeat or binge due to a slower metabolism. This will spell disaster if you are trying to lose weight.

Too Much Sugar Consumption

Eating the right types of foods may not always lead to expected weight loss because of sugars. Various processed foods have sugars or refined carbs as ingredients. This is counterproductive for anyone on a diet as your body needs to be burning fat to lose weight. If there is an introduction of sugar from foods that are processed, then your body will burn the sugar to produce energy. No fat is being burned which leads to zero weight loss.

Lost Calories are Being Eaten Back

The worst thing for anyone to do after exercising is having a large meal. You may have calculated your total calories that have been burned, but this often compared to food intake. This means you can justify eating a candy bar or other high-calorie food because the calories have already been burned. However, this is not the best approach when on a diet as you will never burn enough calories to lose weight. One thing to keep in mind is eating unnecessary foods after burning calories can lead to weight gain.

Too Much Alcohol

Drinking a few cocktails during the week is not a problem when dieting. However, too many can cause a reduction in your calorie-burning process. Alcohol is a high-source of calories and can have the same effect as sugar on your metabolism. Another aspect to keep in mind is many people often feel the need to eat and eat a lot when they are drinking. This will not help you or anyone to lose weight. Make sure you take drinks in moderation and drink water to prevent feeling hungry.

Limiting Protein

Protein is found in many types of foods and means eliminating any form of meat from your diet can be disastrous for losing weight. The reason is your body needs protein to burn calories. If you do not have any protein in your diet, then your body will being to burn muscle. This is one reason some people will have less muscles mass than expected. Protein is found in many types of foods that are not red meat. A significant amount of protein is found in fish, turkey, and cooked beans.

Why Is It Hard To Lose Weight?

Why Is It Hard To Lose Weight?

Hundreds of people want to lose unwanted pounds, but often find it a difficult task to complete. There are thousands of dieting supplements and weight loss aids on the market that advertise and promise immediate weight loss, but are not always effective in showing positive results. According to experts, almost 80% of people that are successful in losing weight, will gain it back over time. Most people that do try to lose weight through different avenues, know that it is almost impossible to lose weight immediately, but there are simple solutions to helping shed unwanted pounds, that bring results over time.

In today’s world, it has become harder for people to lose weight, because most are not willing to be fully committed to make certain lifestyle changes. With the busy lives that people carry on, time for exercising can be a harder thing to fit into a daily schedule.

Exercise to burn off calories, is one of the more important things to do in the aid of losing weight.

Exercise does not always work for many people in helping them to lose unwanted pounds, when most usually end up eating back the calories that they burn off through working out. It has also been found that it is harder for some people to lose weight because they do not follow the basic guidelines for healthy eating. Fast foods, and sugar filled carbonated drinks, have taken the world by storm, making it very hard for sufficient weight loss to occur. Lack of consistency is very related to why it is harder for people to lose weight, as most people diet and exercise for many weeks, but give up when they are not receiving the results they would like to in a certain time period. Through remaining consistent, and keeping track of foods and calories eaten on a daily basis, weight loss goals can slowly be reached over time.

Some people discover that losing weight is merely impossible for them to do, no matter what they have tried, and this can be due to an unknown, underlying health issue. Seeing a physician is the best advice for people who cannot seem to lose weight after trying all possible avenues.

Trick to cut calories without trying

Tricks to Cut Calories WIthout Really Trying

The only real good way to lose weight is to cut your calorie intake. However, this can be a challenge as simply eating less is not an option. Another aspect to keep in mind is tallying daily calorie intake might actually be counterproductive. The goal when trying to lose weight is to use a few tricks to cut calories that do not require a lot of effort. Review a few tips to help you achieve this goal.


Filling up on fiber and water is one of the principal objectives of a healthy eating plan. This means you should have more vegetables at each meal instead of foods, such as grains and meats. One aspect about vegetables is they can be filling without having to think about calorie count. You can easily include any type of vegetables to a soft tortilla shell for a tasty wrap. This includes sliced peppers, cut tomatoes, an assortment of sprouts, and even pieces of cucumber. Another option is to prepare a simple veggie wrap with lettuce, cheese, and tomato. The most important thing to keep in mind is to replace any ingredient that is high in calories with a variety of vegetables.


Filling up on fruits is not only healthy, but it is an easy way to cut calorie intake without trying. This is easily done by preparing a variety of fruits at night for the next day. You can eat fruits during the day if a snack is desired. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid fruits that are high in calories. One fruit in this category is the banana. As an example, two cups of strawberries will have the same amount of calories as a single banana.

Soup or Salad

One way to eat less over the course of any meal is to start with a serving of soup or a salad with a light amount of dressing. Filling up with vegetables or fluids that are low in calories will help you feel more satisfied. This is a great way to avoid eating foods that are high in calories and help you to lose weight faster. Another thing to keep in mind a bowl of hot soup often looks more appealing than a sandwich.


There are many types of ready-to-eat cereals that can be a good replacement for a high-calorie meal. If you find cereals that are high in vitamins and low in sugars, then they will be more filling and will be a lot more healthy. The best option is a bran cereal or even a shredded wheat. Most cereals are measured by the bowl of the number of biscuits. All you need to do is prepare one or more servings at night or in the morning before starting your day.

Egg Whites

Many people who like to have one or more eggs in the morning may be getting more calories than they realize. Two egg whites will cut your calorie intake by over 50 percent as one whole egg is often about 80 calories. However, one to two whole eggs will have fewer calories than having a breakfast with bacon and other high calories foods.

Low-Fat Milk

Whole milk is full of milk fat and will be really high in calories. If you switch to a milk that is low-fat, then twice as much can be consumed for the same amount of calories. This means sticking to one glass will easily help you cut calories without any effort. Another thing to keep in mind is this same concept applies to other types of dairy products. If you enjoy yogurt, then switch to a light-yogurt to reduce the amount of calories being consumed.

Lower Protein Foods

Many foods that are low in protein will also have low calorie amounts. This means adding more fish or turkey to your diet. Another benefit of low-protein foods is they are often better if you have IBD of any other type of digestive problems. The choice of foods you eat for meals is another easy way to cut your calorie intake without really trying.

Whipped Products

Butter and cream cheese that is whipped contains air that is added. This included air means these foods have fewer calories than traditional spreads. One thing to keep in mind is not to overindulge eating foods that are lighter as you will be defeating the purpose of cutting calories.